My name is Flossie, and I knit.

I started knitting in 2009, which I consider a late-in-life decision. I've always wanted to knit, ever since I was little, but for some reason I put it off for other things. Like acting, writing and reading-far-too-much (if that's a thing).
My dream is to learn how to design wearables, which seems really easy, but for me is quite hard. I am not a visual artist, I cannot draw anything except stick figures and pretty decent hearts, and my math skills are severely deficient. But, I long to design. So I am muddling through it with a giant calculator, a stack of pencils and several erasers, not to mention every knitting magazine and Elizabeth Zimmerman book I can get my hands on.
I understand there are numerous knitwear designers out there with far more experience and expertise to which you could turn, and somehow you ended up here.
I thank you for your patience.
I am a writer by trade and hopefully, even if you hate my designs, you may take solace in my neurotic, oft-nerdy writings.
I like sci-fi, horror, and fantasy, video games, comic books, and cocker spaniels, and I have three supremely talented siblings and two loving, supportive parents, without whom nothing at all would be possible.
I live with a comedian and a turtle, and both are hilarious.
You can read more of my writing here and here.