Snow Bunny Hat & Mitts Set

I forgot to blog about this, which is strictly forshame, but it's the holiday season and I've been super busy.

This is the Snow Bunny Hat & Mitts Set, and it's free for a limited time on Ravelry, so have at it folks.

The hat was inspired by the old rabbit fur hats women wore in the 40s and 50s—I doubled a chunky yarn to create the oversized brim on the hat, and did the same for the thick edge on the mitts. The mitts are a little more rocker chic, which updates the look overall.

The set is super comfy and cozy, and should knit up in a night or two—that's the beauty of knitting on size 17 needles!

I highly recommend using Tahki Montana for the set—it's a really lovely, sproingy, wool roving, very, very warm and available in natural, undyed colors. Love love love. Plus it only takes a single skein to make both the hat and mitts—that's a $14 holiday gift knitted over the weekend, and you can't beat that with a stick.

Pattern is available for free until December 25th—Merry Christmas, and enjoy!


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    1. thanks! They aren't the best walking around boots, but they sure are purty :)

  2. Is this for a sweater? I dont really know how to stich, my grandma does, and she is good with it, I find so mesmerizing and peaceful, it reminds me of better times.