Doomvember Day 7 - APOCKETMITTS!

Today I feel like the virus inside of me has finally taken hold, and a new era of my existence is born. Or like the alien that lay dormant in my stomach, gestating, has finally burst forth to wreak havoc on the world. Or like the reprogramming from the robot overlords, which I've fought so hard against, has firmly settled into my DNA.

Doomsday is here! And my day in the Doomvember blog tour, the day in which I reveal the Apocketmitts!

I can tell you this right now: when knitting maven Alex Tinsley of Dull Roar posted a call for submissions for an apocalyptic knitting book, I squealed like a pig. When I say apocalyptic anything is firmly set in my wheelhouse, please know that it is true. Anything related to zombies, horror, sci fi, and fantasy is just what little Flossies are made of.

I designed the Apocketmitts to be a fairly simple knit with a very useful secret. Because in an apocalypse, secrets can be deadly. The Apocketmitts are not just an accessory to keep you warm and fashionable, they are the key survival tool in any good warrior's cache.

The key to the Apocketmitts functionality is the secret inner pockets. Secured with small, inconspicuous snap buttons, the Apocketmitts secret pockets (two on each mitt, 3" and 4.5" respectively) were made to carry all the necessities of a scavenging vagabond—matches, antiradiation tablets, USB drives, and sundry will fit in the smaller pocket, while the larger pocket can easily house switchblades, shivs, compass, maps, satellite phones, and extra bullets.

The inner pockets blend seamlessly with the rest of the armwarmers—a key feature for hiding your valuables from marauding enemies.
The Apocketmitts are knit from the wrist up in two coordinating colors of Madelinetosh Tosh Merino DK. The hand portion is then picked up from the wrist and knit down, so that knitters have a choice of whether they even want fingerless mitts at all—one could easily just knit the sleeves (for maximum concealability) and leave it at that. The choice is up to you, survivor.

Of course, don't feel like you can't make these without an apocalypse hanging over your head. I was able to store my credit cards, ID, money, keys, and iPhone in my Apocketmitts, making them the ultimate accessory for braving the Winter without a bag. I imagine they are a great anti-pickpocket item as well.

Doomsday Knits is available for pre-order now, and will start infecting the planet in December 2013. You can find a list of the blog tour schedule here. There are several sections to Doomsday Knits—Global Warming, Nuclear Winter, Kill All Humans, Dystopian Dandies, etc. The Apocketmitts belong to the 'Miscellaneous Mayhem' storyline, which makes perfect sense to me.

Whether you're fighting zombies, avoiding robots, undermining alien overlords, scavenging a radioactive wasteland, or planning for the resurgence of mankind, the Apocketmitts are the ultimate badass accessory—Never leave hovel without them!

I just sneak-peeked you an upcoming hat. You're welcome.

Next up on the blog tour is Melissa Lemmon's Oxygenate—don't miss it!


  1. I love these!! Congrats on your inclusion in the book, it looks awesome!

  2. If it weren't for the fact that I'm always so damn hot those look like a great alternative to trying to carry a purse or wallet while herding my three boys who are all under 3.5 years old.

  3. I'm obsessed with mitts, both Victorian & Apocalyptic; your pocket-y pattern is Splendidly Creative! Reminds me of something my beautiful Gran would've knit up had she not moved from Cornwall to Southern California before the invention of air conditioning & spent the rest of her life sweating. Brilliant design! Now I *must* have the book - thank you!

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