Wedding Washcloths, and working through The Stash

I've decided that this is my go-to wedding gift. No idea whether it will be appreciated or not, but in my opinion it's perfect.

This lovely pile of organic cotton....

became these lovely washcloths...

I included a cute little heart-shaped soap, a pretty box, and voila! Wedding Gift. Pattern available here. Have at it.

I went to Rhinebeck this weekend for the first time ever. Completely overwhelming. I only went on Saturday for 2 hours, but in hindsight I regret not going back on Sunday and exploring the food barn, book signings, and demonstrations. Now that I know what I'm in for, I think next year will be better. And yes, I bought yarn for the stash, and yes, I'll share it soon.

On the plus side, I got cider donuts. Which means I've won the Fall.


  1. Oh my, these turned out so beautiful. If you can film a tutorial or can link me to any video that would be great. Thank-you.