Wanna see a magic trick?

Just so it is recorded—yes, I finished the baby jacket in time for the baby shower. I know it's been over a week since it took place, but it did get done; I've just been too busy to write about it.

For anyone thinking about making the Baby Surprise Jacket in the future, the best advice I can give you is to read slowly, carefully, and go line-by-line. Don't bother skipping ahead because it might just give you agita. Better advice? Utilize the Baby Surprise Jacket Ravelry Group. Anytime I had a question, that's where I went.

Ok, ready for the magic trick?

This flimsy, floppy, blippy bloppy piece of fabric, which seems incredibly unruly, shapeless, and terrifyingly useless...

...becomes this!

I'm pretty pleased with how it turned out, and have resolved to make this thing for all babies to come, now and forever more. ALSO, that yarn is out of my stash! Two skeins down, Eleventybillion to go.

Next up on the list of skeins I'm getting rid of:

Sublime Organic Cotton DK. I'm knitting washcloths for The Doo to take to a wedding next weekend. We both have separate weddings to go to as everyone and their brother is getting married right now, and we're both in the actual wedding parties. Have I mentioned I abhor weddings? I abhor weddings as much as I abhor setting piles and piles of money aflame and then dancing around the bonfire in clothes that are uncomfortable, unflattering, and unwearable for any other occasion, clothes which you have to wear because it's a reverse Pay It Forward torture tradition in which the previously tortured pass the torture along instead of doing things differently. Kinda like, someone slapped me in the face, so now I get to slap you in the face. When will the painful chain be broken? Never, I'm assuming. At any rate, stay tuned for the loveliness of these soft-as-a-kitten's-ass organic cotton washcloths which, most likely, will not even be appreciated because they weren't on the pre-approved gift registry. WEDDINGS, ammaright?!?