Probably Because It's Fall

Madelinetosh Tosh merino DK in Silver Fox

Yesterday I felt ill, which was doubly a bummer because yesterday was the first day that really felt like Fall in New York. We have so few truly Fall days anymore, it's sad if you miss one because you're sick. When you're sick Fall days just feel like windy, chilly, runny nose messes meant to make you miserable.

I've had a lot of work recently, and not as much "me" time. Even the knitting I'm doing isn't really for me—not that I can complain about it. A sponsored KAL that ends with me owning a brand new cardigan for nothing but the price of knitting and hosting the KAL is not something I can complain about. But I've had a recurring nightmare involving high school, the class bell ringing, and me completely lost as to what or where my next class is, and panicking that I won't graduate and won't find the class. It's always high school, hallways, bells, stairs, and rushing to try and figure out where I'm supposed to be. The Doo tells me dreams like these, recurring ones especially, are the subconscious poking you like a nag about something you're forgetting to do or pay attention to. And when they take place in a real location that you know, it means you have to figure out what that place meant to derive the meaning of the dream overall.
High school for me was chaotic. I was out of control as a person, doing plenty of things I probably shouldn't have been, and sort of all over the map emotionally. But the one thing I had in high school that I had nowhere else was a sense of myself as a writer. I received awards for my writing, then, and I wrote constantly. It was the one thing I could say, "YES. This is what I am, if I'm anything, most definitely."

I've been writing for air cargo; I've been writing for yarn, and knitting, and fashion, and knitwear. But I haven't just been writing. So somewhere in the morass of limited, jumbled, occupied-to-the-hilt timescape that has become my life, I will have to find time to write again.

Unless, of course, I enjoy running the hallways of my circular high school, looking desperately for my next class, and sitting in on classes I'm not sure are even on my schedule. Which I don't. I didn't like doing it in real life I certainly don't need to do it now that high school is long over.

Remember when I promised I would stop buying yarn and start knitting through the garbage-lady-from-Labyrinth amount of yarn in my room?
Well, that's what that beautiful caked Tosh DK shown above, and the cumin-colored Super Chunky Misti Alpaca, right, is all about. I originally got the Tosh DK for my Apocalypse knitting project but the color turned out to be all wrong. Of course I could have returned it, but really I couldn't. Because I'm me, and because it's yarn. The Super Chunky Misti Alpaca I bought on sale from Jimmy Beans Wool because it was pretty, on sale, and I thought I could make a quick cowl out of two skeins.
Which I did. Last night. And now I'm making a smaller-gauge version with the Tosh. So expect to see a free pattern here by hopefully next week involving both yarns—same cowl, different weights. And very easy as well.

I didn't actually stop buying yarn. Sorry about that. But I'm holding up this end of the deal, at least. The Doo says as long as I keep knitting everything, I'm ok. If I stop knitting and keep buying, then I really have a problem. Although now, I absolutely will not buy unless it's some hand-dyed, available-nowhere kind of yarn. Or Wollmeise. I just bought three skeins of Wollmeise. Because I could.

Happy knitting!



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