My pattern, she is done!

That's right, I'm smug. 

Meet Bonaventura, named for the 16th century Italian mathematician Bonaventura Cavalieri, of which I know exactly diddly-squat, except that he worked with optics and motion, logarithms (thanks, wikipedia!), and other science-magics, but most importantly, he discovered the parabolic spiral, which isn't as well known as Archimedean spiral, but alas, the name Archimedes has been taken threefold when it comes to pattern names. So Bonaventura it is!

Bonaventura also sounds, to me, like 'beautiful adventure', and I'd like to think my cowl is just that.
Anyway, it's super easy, super addictive, and super free! And I'm kind of in love with it.


It's also available in DK-weight and Super Bulky, although you could really make it in any weight yarn so long as you cast on in multiples of 4. I made it in two weights to really try and cut through the fabled stash yarn. I may actually make a worsted weight version, longer so I can loop it around twice, just to cut through more yarn. But I might to give it away because really, how many of these can I wear?

I can probably wear a lot of them.

I hope you enjoy it! You can download it now from ravelry.

Happy knitting!



  1. Congrats on your new design! Everyone needs a cowl like this one in their wardrobe.

  2. Hi I'm working on your pattern and having some trouble -- with row 4 the drop Sl to back of work -- how do I do that? Thanks!

    1. Hi Sarah - sorry it took so long to respond, I just saw this. You basically just remove the stitch from the needle and let it hang at the back of the work, continue knitting, and then when you have to pick it up again, just put it back on the needle and work it. Hope that helps!

  3. It looks excellent! I may give it a go if I manage to muddle through all the other items on my to-do list :)