Blah blah blah it's been a while

Yada yada yada, ammaright?

This happened and that happened and let's not do the catch-up game, ok? I'm so, so bad at it and at the rate I'm posting, every gob-blammed blog post will be a catch-up blog post and that wouldn't be very fun or entertaining, would it? A bit self-involved, I might add.

I'm social media-ing for 4 different facebook pages at the moment, with 3 twitters, 3 ravelrys, and 3 pinterests thrown in there for fun. Plus sending out a newsletter between 5 and 6 times a month.

That apocalypse knitting project? My pattern was accepted. That small rectangle of knitting above? That's a sneak peek of my Apocamitts. Just the colorway, really. Which I think is sublime for the apocalypse. Very woodsy, ashy, camouflage. Love it. A very simple pattern as well—anyone can do it.  I'm hoping everyone will want a pair of Apocamitts.

But before any of that can happen, we have to raise some funds. We have funds, just not enough funds—which is not very fun at all. We want the prettiest pictures and the best photogs and great tech-editing (mistakes in patterns really suck) and possibly a book tour, so we need funds. Fun funds.

Clearly, I need my afternoon tea. Just a spot of caffeine, if you would.

Anyway, you can give here. As they say, every little bit helps, truly.

Apologies as I spend the next month harassing you for money. I know you have pennies in your couch.

happy knits,



  1. Congrats on your pattern submish to Apocalypse! That's so exciting.
    I saw the Kickstarter video and it looks really cool.
    Can't wait to see your work in there.