Valentine's Day Lavender Hearts Pattern

This is a free pattern I've had out for a while now. It was my first pattern, written about two years ago, so I recuse myself of any mistakes you might find in it. I'm fairly certain it works out ok, because one other person on ravelry knit with it and their heart turned out fine.

© flossieKNITS
I started knitting in September 2008, and these hearts first came to my mind in September 2009. There were other patterns for hearts on ravelry, but what I had in mind was very specific, and I hadn't seen it anywhere. What else could I do but write my own pattern?
My older brother was getting married a month later, and I decided the best possible gift I could give to him and his wife would be to knit enough hearts for every guest at the wedding to take home as a wedding favor.
Let me repeat myself.
I was only a year in to knitting, and I decided, a month before a wedding, to knit 50+ hearts, felt them, stuff them with lavender, and embroider them with initials. Actually, it was more like 100+ hearts because I had to make two hearts for every one heart so they could be crocheted together and stuffed.
I really wish I had taken more pictures of this month-long debacle, because it was absolutely bananas.


I also wish I had better pictures, but unfortunately my only camera at the time was a crappy cell phone camera (sidenote: it's kind of amazing how far we've come with cell phone cameras in only 3 years. My current cell phone camera is insanely better than the one used to take these pictures, and it's only about 2 years younger).

There were hearts everywhere. I was going to work everyday and knitting hearts on the subway both ways; I would knit hearts during my lunch break and when I came home from work, I would knit hearts until I went to sleep. I would even eat meals and knit hearts while I was chewing my food, stop to put more food in my mouth, then continue to knit hearts.

I didn't go out, I didn't see friends. All I did was knit hearts.

The hearts were taking over my entire life, but I kept telling myself that it was just one month, and then I would have all these beautiful hearts to show for it. Never mind that I didn't know how to felt, embroider, or crochet. Never mind that. Also, the needles I used were just slightly thicker than toothpicks. That's not fast knitting.

I have to thank all the lovely ladies of my former Stitch 'n' Bitch for helping me crochet, embroider, and stuff the final hearts, otherwise there is no way I would have gotten it done—eternal thanks also to Barbara Lynn for hosting us. Three years later and I still think I should be thanking you all.

And the Doo. The Doo actually got into the bathtub with the hearts so he could felt them by hand. I really wish I took pictures of that. Our hands were red and sore and wrinkly, but it worked!

I really didn't get any good pictures at all. I wasn't thinking like a blogger; I was just trying to get everything done on time. At the wedding the hearts were lined up very nicely in a beautiful wicker basket  and the guests seemed to love them—one woman kept shoving them into her purse, which was nice to see. I still have a few in different spots of my apartment—they're really great for clothing drawers, your car's rearview mirror and just as general decoration. Even after three years, mine still smell good!

So, if you have a special someone who needs a sweet-smelling heart for their car, or their dresser, or their coat pocket, I give you Lavender Hearts. You can see the pattern below, download it from Ravelry, or email me and I can send it your way.


Copyright 2009, Flossie Arend. All rights reserved. Pattern for personal use only. Please do not sell products made with this pattern, or sell the pattern itself. Knitters code!


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