A Shameless Plug for Geoffrey Arend

Ok, this has nothing to do with knitting or crafting—nothing at all—unless you consider crafting song lyrics as a qualified example of crafting... which I do.
My older brother, Geoffrey Arend, is currently on the show Body of Proof on ABC. It airs on Tuesday, right about the same time as Glee, and he had the idea a few months ago to rewrite the lyrics to a song from The Little Mermaid, but make it all about inspecting dead bodies, thereby rivaling Glee. Pretty genius, if you ask me.
So he sat down and rewrote "Part of Your World"(along with his friend and fellow actor, Mike Damus), and as a fan of the song, I have to say, he did a pretty damned good job. I'm quite proud.
So here it is. Enjoy!


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