The Pattern is written, The Deadline approaches

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I've knit up two samples in my hat pattern, and now I'm preparing to knit the third—from that blue yarn above. Sorry for the picture, but I didn't want to give anything about the project away until I submit it to Knitty. The deadline is April 2, so I'm furiously knitting it up in different colors and testing it out to make sure the pattern works. I just noticed that in the space of a week, Knitty has gone from accepting patterns for the spring/summer issue to accepting patterns for first fall, which made my stomach drop a little. I really thought I was getting a head start but the reality is, it's only a month away.

You'll have to excuse me if I become a little absent here. I'm meeting with a possible writing job Thursday, have to start knitting baby samples at the end of this week, and really have to finish this pattern and the accompanying samples, while also doing all the regular work that pays the bills. I think I'm going to need to interrupt my natural circadian rhythm and start waking up super early.

In the meantime, happy knitting! It's getting colder here in NY so everyone should be crafting extra hard to keep warm through it. And stay tuned, because if my foray into Knitty fails, that hat pattern will be landing here asap.



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