Lindsay Degen at New York Fashion Week 2012

I've been quietly following Lindsay Degen and her unconventional knitting for a few months now. At just 23-years-old, she is doing some fairly 'strange' (as in, outside the normative) things with knitting.

She recently started a lingerie line that featured single socks, with the intent that people buy the socks mismatched. You can imagine how intriguing I found this, as I just finished knitting my first sock and the thought of having to repeat the process to gain a second sock is giving me agita. I'm sure other sufferers of SSS know what I'm taking about.

Lindsay is a Fine Arts graduate of RISD, and it was at RISD that she joined a performance art knitting group called Knitting Nation, which was a "commentary on how humans interact with machines, global manufacturing, trade and labor, brand iconography, and fashion."

Degen (center) premiered her new lingerie line by the same name at this year's NY fashion week. 
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Degen incorporates both machine and hand knitting, and is incredibly interesting, to say the least. 
I can't actually imagine where I would wear this kind of stuff, although I do think knit boy shorts would be supercute for around the house. And that long-sleeved, tan with red stripes top above might be cute over a dress. But the meta-nipples? Uhhh.

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You can see more of Lindsay's work at her website.

To unconventional crafting!



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