Crafting Quickie #7: Strawberry Chandelier

I feel like the white rabbit from Alice in Wonderland, rushing rushing rushing because I'm latelatelate. But  I have just enough time for a CQ, I gather.
Merve Şendil is an Istanbul-based female artist exploring the use of knitting in her work. I recommend clicking over to her site because she is doing some amazing things with color, light, and shadow. 
I'm in love with this piece, which I might want to copy for my own home. It's called Landscape. 

©Merve Şendil 

This strawberry chandelier is one of the featured pieces in her art show called Bird Day, currently running at Pi Artworks in Istanbul. 

©Merve Şendil 
These two pieces, respectively titled Falling in Night-time and Falling in Day-time, are beyond beautiful. 

©Merve Şendil 
©Merve Şendil 
I wish I could whip over to Turkey to see her work on display; if you're reading this from Turkey, (a) the exhibit is running until March 3, so hurry up; (b) your city is beautiful; and (c) thanks for reading flossieÖR-ECEK!

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