Crafting Quickie #4: More T-shirt crafting!

I got a fairly good response for my last T-shirt post (TWO people liked it, yeehaw!), so I thought I'd research some more ways to recycle old T-shirts into crafty things.

First up: bags


Apparently, you can turn a T-shirt into a functional market bag. All it takes is an old tee and a pair of scissors. I kinda wish I hadn't donated all those old shirts a month ago, although the Doo would encourage me to just cut up some of the other old shirts I have lying around. He'd like me to get rid of as many clothes as possible.
To turn your old T-shirt into a bag, click here.

Maybe you have enough bags, and you like all your T-shirts, and you don't want to cut them up. BUT, you happen to have one T-shirt that's just way too long. Well, feel free to cut off the bottom! Then take that bottom edge, and turn it into a headband.

It's a fairly simple process (you will need to know how to sew to stitch it to the right size, and to make the flower), but all the instructions can be found here.

Ok, I'm kind of in love with this next idea. Are you someone who has dozens of shirts you need to get rid of, and you can't bare the thought of a dozen T-shirt scarves, a dozen T-shirt headbands or a dozen T-shirt bags? Well, I hope you have a hula hoop. Yeah that's right, a hula hoop.

It's a T-shirt rug, and all you need is a dozen T-shirts, a hula hoop, and a pair of scissors. Remember when you used to make potholders as a kid? It's the same theory—all basic weaving, fun and simple. Instructions can be found here.

So there you have it kitties, three other ways you can reuse those T-shirts you have lying around, and none of which involve much more than your hands and a pair of scissors. Soon, you too can be crafting things as part of the DIY movement.

One of us! One of us!

Happy crafting!



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