Crafting Quickie #3: T-Shirt Scarves!

I have a lot of friends who don't knit. A LOT. There are more people in my life bewildered by the act of my knitting than there are people who totally get it, and I'm learning to live with that.
You know when you're explaining something to someone and they sort of look at you with pleasant, smiling eyes, but you can see that deep down in the well, they don't get it? There's nothing negative behind it; the spark of recognition just isn't there.
Sometimes I feel like I should be embarrassed, since knitting really is the antithesis of something I would be into, but then I remember how pacifying the process is for me—it's basically meditation, with the added benefit of forcing me to do math, rethink structures, problem solve, and accept mistakes, and it always results in something I can wear, sell or give away to friends.  Yes, I still love video games, killing zombies, horror movies, swearing, comic books, reading/watching sci fi, being a negative, neurotic New Yorker,  watching unapologetic comedy—yes, yes, yes, I still love all those things.
But I also love making knit handwarmers. And baby sweaters. I just do.
So for all my many, many friends who don't get knitting, and probably never will (and a big shout-out to Dawn, who totally gets it and sits most Saturday nights with me, knitting and drinking wine and refusing to watch foreign films because we can't knit and read at the same time, damnit), I give you the opportunity to make your own scarf, without knowing how to knit, and without needing to buy yarn.

All you need is an old t-shirt.

Thanks to a fellow blogger at My Blessed Life who created a master list, you too can take an old t-shirt, cut it up, and sew it into a scarf. Just click over to check out the 10 different scarf-making techniques available; this one, this one, this one, this one and this one only require a t-shirt and scissors—so if you don't know how to knit or sew, you're in luck.

See? I love you.

Happy scarfing!



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