Vogue Knitting Live 2012 #3: Mochimochi!

Well, because I posted the earlier link for VK crochet amigurumi zodiac patterns, I figured now is as good a time as any to post the wonderful mochimochi display Anna Hrachovec made for VKL 2012.
It was HUGE. A gigantic snowball fight that looped around on two tables. In case you can't read it, the sign on the lower righthand side of the picture says "NAUGHTY ADOLESCENT GNOMES MAKE A PG-13 STATEMENT." I think you should be able to make out the statement.
I for some reason become too excited to do anything but gape at things and squeal to myself like a little pig, so I rely on The Doo to be photographer. I have him to thank for all these pictures.
It was Snowmen vs. Gnomes, and it was amazesnowballs. 
There were all these little details, I could have stood there for an hour if not for the siren song of yarn calling me from stand after stand.
These gnomes got knocked out
I was really astonished by the depth of her imagination and her ability to sculpt it into reality. This was my absolute favorite scene. 
I can feel the effort those little, black twig arms are making to push that snowball

These next two images aren't mine, but I had to include them because they are really incredible.

Eat it Gnomey. EAT IT!! (pictures © Anna Hrachovec)
The tables have turned! (pictures © Anna Hrachovec)
I love how she made the fire. And I really, really love the snowman choking the gnome out on a snowball. Very up my alley. 
I especially love that it's amigurumi without the crocheting—while I'm fairly proficient in crocheting, the knit option is a blessing. And all of Anna's work is knit!

© Anna Hrachovec
I was given her book Knitting Mochimochi as a gift a while back, and it really is a great introduction to the craft. I especially love the fat little grouchy couch.

She's really become a master at this tiny art.

She also sells kits if you don't want to commit to a large project, with yarn and stuffing included. I recommend the tiny burger
I kind of want to make it just so I can tell people I'm on a diet, then when it's time to eat, I can say I brought my own food and pull it out of my pocket. Yeah, I want to be that girl.

You can follow Anna's work here—she's currently working on some tiny sushi!

Happy tiny crafting!



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