Sweaters... for Chickens!

Yeah, you heard me. Sweaters for chickens. Apparently, hens produces a certain number of eggs and after about a year, they moult all of their feathers. The feathers grow back, but it takes anywhere from 3-6 weeks. It's during this period of time that egg producers usually send their birds to slaughter because they are no longer producing eggs, but still need to be fed.
Enter Jo Eglen, the woman behind Little Hen Rescue in the UK. She takes in chickens during the moulting period and houses and feeds them until they regrow their feathers. The hens never produce the same number of eggs—it reduces year on year—but they are still productive, bald or not.
So... chicken sweaters! I love it!
© Jo Eglen
It's unclear why the chickens lose their feathers; it might be stress, or they may just be shedding them. Whatever the reason, chicken sweater = adorable.

If you'd like to knit your own chicken sweater, click through for the pattern. I think Jo is full-up on sweaters for right now, but you can sign up to be included on the next email blast. I think a chicken sweater is a pretty great first project, all things considered.

Chicken sweaters!

Do you think I could turn that into a thing? Like, instead of "Aww, shucks," start saying, "Aww, chicken sweaters."

I think it's doable.



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