Knitting for the Super Bowl and the Naptown Knitters

Super Bowl organizers have created a program called "Super Scarves" to provide scarves to volunteers in order to keep them warm. They initially wanted 8,000 scarves, but received over 13,000, sent in from all over the world.
I think the most inspiring part of the story is that a prison knitting program created in Indianapolis called "Naptown Knitters" got in on the fun. Prisoners were taught to knit and started knitting up scarves as fast as they could. A convicted murderer had this to say: "Here's a group of a guys sitting around knitting, something we normally don't have inside prison. No tension, everybody just sitting back and laughing. And knitting."

Apparently, some of the men "forgot where they were" for a couple of hours. I did a little Google sleuthing and found this quote inside one of the many articles on the Naptown Knitters: "One of the knitters even compared the story of his life to his knitting. Omitting mistakes in making your first scarf, he said, is like going off track a few times; and, with the support and encouragement of others, you will get back on track and life will look better and better." I can't tell you how many times I've said this to people about knitting. 
If I didn't think I'd get shanked with a US size 8, I'd love to rehabilitate prisoners with knitting (I kid, I kid). 
To read more about the Super Scarves program, click through the link!


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