Hack a Knitting Machine!

I really meant for this to be an in-depth post that included instructions and fun links and pictures and what-not. But I am exhausted. Drop. dead. exhausted.
Not only that, but I'm also embarrassed to admit I don't quite understand how this hacked knitting machine works, because a machine, when opened, has a complete, tiny universe inside that functions on a microscopic level through energy fields, magic and wishes made on unicorn horns. I mean, am I right? I'm right. They scrape the magic out of the bone marrow and that's why there are no more unicorns and that's why the world is fresh out of magic.
See? I'm tired y'all.
This guy Andrew Salomone is a mechanical genius who figured out how to hook up a knitting machine to a computer in order to create custom, photo-realistic knitwear. Seriously. Unicorns.
He made this "identity preserving" balaclava with his hacked knitting machine, and it creeps me the hell out, but is awesome nonetheless.
© Andrew Salomone
Andrew is a pretty amazing artist outside of his hacked knitwear, creating Tina Fey portraits out of nerds, an embroidered sweater with all of Amy Winehouse's tattoos, and a portrait of Bill Cosby made out of jello cups. But my favorites, of course, are his machine knits.
© Andrew Salomone
That would be a lot of work if you were handknitting. Thank god there's a HACKED KNITTING MACHINE TO DO IT FOR YOU.
If you'd like to learn how to tame a unicorn, steal it's horn, and hack a knitting machine, here's a helpful video.

Happy Hacking!



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