Crafting Quickie #2: Knit the Sky!

My recent Olek post was reblogged by Katonah Yarn Company, located only an hour upstate from me (yay, I have a reader!) and I couldn't be more thrilled. A new yarn store I have to visit, huzzah! Ahh NY, I do love you. Although... they said I was a guest post from 'across the pond,' which I only just noticed. At first, I thought that meant they were in the UK (I got really excited that I had a UK reader—remember when I thought I didn't?), but then I saw that they were indeed in NY, so I guess they think I'm in the UK. This is the second time this week someone thought I was in the UK. Bloody hell!
Anyway, I saw something on their site that I first saw a while back, but I don't think I ever spread the information here. It's the perfect Crafting Quickie, if I do say so myself.

Meet the Sky Scarf!

©Katonah Yarn
The Sky Scarf is a genius design thought up by Lea Redmond at Leafcutter Designs. I think it might be my favorite idea for a beginner project as you are only knitting one row per day (although, if you get obsessed like me that won't be enough).
Basically, the idea is that you knit the sky. You look up, take note of the color, and knit two rows in the color of the sky. The next day, you do the same thing—pick whichever color matches the sky, and knit with it. And so on and so on, until you have a scarf. 
Instructions for the scarf can be found here, but definitely check out Leafcutter Designs as Lea is doing amazing things with Conceptual Knitting. To see some sky scarves in action, check out the Conceptual Knitting Flickr group. It's fun when you learn where people live in relation to their sky scarves.
Katonah Yarn Company has teamed up with Lea to offer kits to make your sky knitting even easier; you can buy them here. I'm going to buy a kit when I visit Katonah in the very-near future.

So... was it good for you?



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