Crafting Quickie #1: Doily Lights!

I'm starting to realize that my blog posts are either fairly long, or short and sweet. Like, Hey here's this thing I like, wanna like it too? Ok bye.
So I'm starting the Crafting Quickie series in the hope of identifying such posts so that my reader will know exactly what he/she is in for when he/she clicks over. I imagine these Crafting Quickies will happen mostly around lunchtime because, you know, afternoon delight and all.
And yes, I said reader, because I'm convinced there is only one of you.
A tale told by an idiot full of sound and fury signifying nothing blah blah blah.
In my recent internet trolling, I came across this lovely woman's blog in which she talks about upcycling doilies to use as light covers. Her name is Shannon South and she's a designer who specializes in using recycled materials "to create beautiful, long-lasting, well-made products that positively impact the environment and the people who use and make them." Her line, reMade USA, is in pursuit of that dream.
Well, I honestly can't think of a better use for doilies. Honestly. I can't. Because doilies, seriously? I don't have much use for them otherwise. But these light covers really are beautiful. 
© Shannon South

© Shannon South
I do love what it does to the ceiling.
© Shannon South
To see more of Shannon's work, click here.
To read about the doily covers and see Shannon's blog, click here

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