Tiny Things Make Me So, So Happy

I don't know what it is. I'm generally a sucker for good packaging, which is terrible news for me, but great news for companies at large. There is something about teeny tiny things that yanks the wallet right out of my back pocket. Remember itty bitty erasers shaped like anime characters?

I had tons of them, and I never used them. Ever. Because they were too damn cute. And I couldn't bear to grind their little faces away. Not only that, but I think they were pretty bad erasers.

My boyfriend will actually buy me things based on their size. Which is why I have the tiniest, itsiest turtle pendant in the world. I can balance it on my pinky nail. It really is the cutest.

So you can imagine how I felt when I saw this:

My goodness; is that not the skwinkiest, witsiest crochet turtle you've ever seen?!?

Think it doesn't get any cuter? Take that!

And that!


These are all the adorably squinky creations of Su Ami, a vietnamese family of 5 crochet crafters with a shop on etsy. I think these actually make pretty awesome gifts, if you have someone in your life who would appreciate them. I can't imagine how they make them so darn tiny, but I'm very thankful that they do.

I'm also very happy that they price them for as much as they do, because people should get paid for their crafting, and paid well. I can't tell you how disheartening it has been to look up what people are charging for their handknits and seeing that for what they're making, they're barely covering the cost of the yarn. Well-crafted, handmade goods deserve acknowledgement. Just because you can buy a knit hat at the Gap for less, doesn't mean you can find a handknit hat for the same amount of money. Especially when your handknit hat will more than likely outlive the Gap hat by decades.

Anyway, I'm putting this on my Christmas list...

Happy Tiny Crafting!



  1. I've never realized how incredibly adorable little things can be and those erasers bring back great memories of when I was a kid; do they still smell like candy?

    Couldn't find you on FB but I found this blog. Thanks for calling, will be in touch.