Knitwear, forever making a comeback

Does knitwear ever really go away? I guess it wasn't so prevalent in the 80s and 90s... well, apparently it's been making a 'comeback' for some time now, by which I'm not at all surprised. Last November I went to Amsterdam on business, and I made sure to take pictures of all the knitwear I saw in shop windows - it was pretty amazing. There seemed to be more there than there was here, but maybe it's just another case of Baader-Meinhof phenomenon, which, as you know if you read me enough, is a phenomenon of which I am particularly fond.
Here are some pictures of knitwear in Amsterdam from one year ago:

I really love the white cable dress and the bizarre, chunky floating-cables turtleneck next to it.

Now that the season is fast approaching, I'm hunkering down to knit some really big, chunky cowls and thinking of the design elements that will make them stand out most. I'm hoping to have some of them up for sale, especially as my schedule just cleared up considerably with the inevitable exit from the part-time yarn store job. I thought I would be sad, but have discovered that I'm not - the goal is to keep moving forward and push myself towards my own design line, and hopefully, eventually, some written patterns and online sales. It's exciting to have the opportunity to pursue your own creative endeavours and become the sole beneficiary of your creative work. No more selling myself short!

The inspiration for this blog was the unveiling of Isabel Marant's Spring 2012 fashion collection, much of which is not only knitwear, but inspired by knitters in general, which I think is really cool. She says the pieces are inspired by the girl who is "a bit crafty. She tie-dyes and patchworks, and cuts up her sweatshirts to knit with!" Click through the picture below for more from her line!

Happy Fall crafting!



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