The Mysterious Skein

Where did it come from? How did it get here? Who made it? WHY can't I find it anywhere else????

Riddle me this...
These are just a smattering of the many questions that plagued me after receiving a beautiful wool/mohair-mixed skein of yarn from my boyfriend.
I have the not-so-unique habit of insisting on visiting yarn stores when I travel. I don't do it to find yarn I can buy online or locally - I do it to find those mystery skeins whose names and origins are delightfully sphynxian and completely impossible to find. When my brother and sister went to Paris a month ago, I frantically Googled for any store within their vicinity and then called them on Google video and begged them to buy me a skein, any skein, any color, any weight, so long as it was local and obscure. I think my urgency frightened them - that, and the fact that they know zilch about knitting and didn't want to endure the painful French-English exchange of trying to explain to the shopkeepers: "My sister wants something unique; a local yarn. She's crazy, so nothing ordinary, something no one would have... even though you would have to have it, at the very least. Soeur... fou*?"
Needless to say, I don't have any Parisian yarn... yet.
Well, my boyfriend is from Boston, and while I have visited Boston numerous times, I have yet to find a local yarn store - not because they don't exist, but rather because it has never occurred to me to look. I know, weird. Fou. Whatever.
Let me preface this by saying that my boyfriend is a very good boyfriend. He understands my yarn obsession, despite the creeping takeover of our house by 'The Yarn,' which is very much like a fungus doing a slow march over a pile of innocent food; it has tried his patience, but he is happy that I am able to relegate the infection to my office.
So, my boyfriend took a trip to Boston recently, and I dismissed him with one task and one task only: walk into a shop, ask for the most unusual, unique, indie yarn they have, and buy it.
And he did just that. Except... he did his job too well.

Which brings me back to my prologue: Where did it come from? How did it get here? Who made it? WHY can't I find it anywhere else????

So here's the scoop: It's called Dragonfly Dyeworks Handpaint Texas 2-Ply, and I cannot find it anywhere. I Google it, and nothing comes up except for a Tweet I did that was along the lines of what the frick is this yarn, and someone else's flickr account photo, which, ironically, is of an eerily similar skein to the one I have. I'm posting it here, because my above photo is really, really craptastic (I may fix that later...)
copyright mirable
I guess I got what I deserved. This is a little bit of the ol' King Midas' Touch, except no solid gold daughter (dammit!) - all I wanted was a strange, unknowable skein of yarn that seemed to have materialized out of the dreams of unicorns and the whispered secrets of rainbows, and that's exactly what I got.


If anyone has any information regarding this yarn, please leave a comment. I'm dying to know what I'm dealing with here. If I knit it, will all my dead pets come back to life (in a good way, not the Pet Cemetary kind of way)? Will an angel get its wings? Will McDonald's bring back the real Shamrock Shake?

*sister... crazy?


  1. Hi My name is Hillary and I was fascinated by this yarn. I think I found the creator of this yarn. Check this website out I didnt see the exact yarn but very similar. Hope this helps.

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  3. I think I actually contacted that company through etsy, and it's a different company. But thank you for posting!