The first day of It's Too Damn Hot

It's the first day of Summer and I'm going through a state of anxiety that I imagine must be uncommon among knitters, especially during this time of year.  Let me preface this neurosis a little.
Summer is a weird time of year for me. I'm not really the Beach kind, although I do love the water - mainly, being in it. I can do without the sand and the crowds and the sun that wishes it were an x-ray machine, but I love to be in water. It's the pisces in me. I don't really find myself in many situations with a private Beach, lakefront cabin or private pool; hence, swimming is limited. So that's one Summer activity that goes right out the window.
I'm also not a shorts-wearing kinda gal. Or a baking in the summer city kinda gal. Or a tanning kinda gal. Too much sun makes me want to sleep, or cry. Once it goes above 75 degrees, my body starts sweating like it's fighting diphtheria. Basically, most of the things that define the summer are not on my favorites list. Except for Arnold Palmers. I love a good, unsweetened Arnold Palmer.
My time of year is the fall, and early winter, and NO, not because I'm a knitter - knitting is a relatively new thing for me. I just love being cozy and drinking warm drinks and smelling the leaves as they decay. I love the fall so much I think I would take it year round if it were an option in some distant, fantasy land. So usually in the summer I hide out in air conditioning, or in rooms with all the windows open where I can just veg out.
Or take pictures of my office plants, why not?

But this summer, and specifically today, the first day of summer, I felt an unusual anxiety that I have to share simply because what knitter feels like this during the summer?
I want to make EVERYTHING.
I feel like once the sun commits to turning the city into an E-Z Bake oven, most knitters put down their  work, slap on a bathing suit and settle down poolside. Either that, or it's a lazy pair of socks or a shawl that can be worked throughout the summer, carried with you for train rides or idle moments and set down more often than picked up. Am I wrong?
Yesterday I catalogued and organized every piece of yarn in my room so that it corresponded with my online Ravelry stash, all in an effort to figure out what I'm going to make next.
I'm not even finished with my Make Up Your Mind Tank. I'm about one shoulder strap and a racerback away from finishing it, and already I'm getting anxious for my next project. Is it ironic that I can't make up my mind about what to make next?
Where do you go from here?
Aren't these supposed to be Fall/Winter anxieties? All I can think about are the numerous car/train/plane trips I will be taking over the next three months and all the knitting I can get done while on them - please tell me I'm not alone!
I've decided I should narrow it down to just three choices here; then at least I know I can stop stockpiling projects like someone preparing for nuclear winter... at least for the moment.

First up: the Geodesic Cardigan.

I've been eyeing this baby for a while now. The beauty of it is that my first It's-not-just-lion brand/patons/redheart  yarn purchase was for 2 skeins of Malabrigo Lace, which I bought at the now-defunct Knit and Be Happy in New Paltz, the store that led me to Ravelry in the first place. I figure this would be great for cool summer nights as the Malabrigo is light and airy and it is a cardigan, after all. And considering this began as a way for me to catalogue my painfully ginormous stash, using my first real purchase as a knitter is befitting.

Next up: Lacy Summer Socks 

copyright Mrs. Romperi
I've never made socks before, and these seem like a good, basic sock pattern, without being too boring. There's some lace involved, but the socks aren't very long so it's not like I'm committing to anything major... right? I'm kind of terrified of socks, if I'm being honest. I'm banking on the fact that these are probably easy enough not to ruin me on socks altogether.  I have a sockweight yarn from Pagewood Farms that would be perfect.

And finally: Sizzle

Sizzle has been in my queue for quite some time. I just purchased the pattern and think I'm ready to do it. I've been following Wendy Bernard at Knit and Tonic for a few years now and I love her designs. This seems like it would be a simple, sexy quick knit, perfect for the summer. I have some goldish-green Cascade Pima Tencel yarn that seriously needs to get the frick out of my stash, and the yardage is perfect.
copyright Wendy Bernard
So which will it be? At least I've narrowed down my choices, right? Do I tackle the new and terrifying socks? Do I finally use those first 2 already-been-caked skeins of Malabrigo Lace (I know, I know - it's terrible to let them sit caked like that)? Or do I decimate the Pima Tencel with a little sexy Sizzle?

Opinions are welcomed!


  1. Anthony AtamanuikJune 22, 2011 at 12:17 PM

    Make the socks doodle!! Make them for meeeee!