It's over!!

I have a blog post from about a month ago that begins with something like... "The Doo told me I'm neglecting my blog..." and then I literally wrote nothing. That's a big ol' Case In Point.
I have not posted anything here in months. Last we heard, I was knitting a scarf for my mother that needed crochet borders, and we were just approaching summer.
Well, summer is over. Labor Day was two days ago; officially, it's done. It was hot and humid and sweaty; I paid an electric bill for August in the $400 range (don't ask); I went to Montreal and bought some local yarns (yay!), and my life changed completely. Utterly.
There's no better day for me to post than today.
Today, I have to order birthday cakes for people in the office. Again. Remember my first post? About how I have to order cakes for everyone, but then when my birthday rolled around, there was no cake for me? And I sort of had a 'story of my life' attitude about all of it?
Well, today I have to order two cakes. And they will be the last two cakes I ever order.
I quit! Over a month ago. Gave the job and people plenty of time to figure their stuff out, but I'm gone. I got a job at a yarn store on the Upper West Side. Between working part time for them and part time for my parents, I'm pretty much all set. I'm trying to open an Etsy store to sell hand knit headbands, scarves, cowls and what-not (trying is the operative word - I'm currently working 3 jobs) and I've been commissioned to make a baby blanket for a friend, which translates as getting-paid-to-knit.
Everything is pretty amazing. I told myself I would get out of this dead-end job in 2010, and I did it. I do not have to face 2011 disappointed.
I'd write more, but I have to work. I'm always working! I haven't had a free second in weeks. But once this terrible job is out of my system (end of next week), I'm sure more of me will be seen here. Certain of it.