Views from a Shut-in

Right now in New York, all the cool kids are taking pictures of the winter snow storm and posting them on their blogs, sending them to news channels or sharing them on facebook.
I don't usually take part in photo shenanigans because I don't have a proper camera, and feel a little second-rate taking pictures with my phone.  But, I figured, my perspective on this particular day should be documented.
I'm a self-professed homebody, and enjoy being one. Whether it's sunny or snowing, I like being home. Luckily, I have a front porch so when it's nice out, I can actually enjoy it without going anywhere. (Having a front porch in New York City is pretty rare, unless you own a home. And if you own a home, you aren't writing on a blog. You're probably riding around in a really nice hover car smoking diamond encrusted cigars. Translation: New York is expensive, y'all)

I'm not a hermit, I swear. Ok, maybe sometimes I am. Sometimes I'm a hermit by choice and prefer sitting at home and reading/knitting/writing, but today was not like that. Today I watched people play around in the snow on tv, and listened jealously to The Doo's plans for a movie and a walk through Central Park, and read facebook updates about people taking a snow day from work to sled around the neighborhood. 
Today, I was sick. I called out of work not to take joy in the winter wonderland of New York City, but to sit in bed and watch episode's of Futurama while drifting in and out of sleep. I'm pretty sure my boss assumed I was just skipping out to avoid dealing with the snow (especially since he called from Florida yesterday and demanded that everyone not only come in no matter how hard it snowed, but to be precisely on time. You read that right; He called from Florida. Yes, right again - they are made of steel.)
I will probably continue to write about how much I hate my job until I actually get a new job, so besides the above, I'd like to add that the reason why I'm sick is because someone in my tiny office was sick. He's been sick for a week with the kind of cough one would find with someone who has consumption, and apparently he didn't think it was good enough to take a Sick Day from work. But today, when it's snowing out, he decides to take a Personal Day so that he can 'move'. Translation: I want to be sick all week at work and not do any work (boss is out of town), instead choosing to flirt with all the women who work downstairs. Then, when it snows and I'm feeling better, I'll take a Personal Day, say I'm moving, and go play in the snow. Because Lord knows, only a fool would believe I could actually move in this snow.
Also, he gets sick the way little children get sick. He's one of these people who coughs and sneezes into a closed fist, as if he doesn't understand that the action of covering your mouth is meant to be more than just a formality: it's meant to serve a function. Have we not all seen this commercial a hundred thousand times already? He should really Know What To Do About The Flu by now. And yet he's still one of these children, sneezing glowing green goo all over papers and people. And me.
So my view of the snowy winter wonderland, is this:
 Post script: I'm still working on Count Dracula's cape, but it's slow going. It's insane how weak I feel. I can knit for maybe five minutes before I have to rest. I'm also trying to figure out how to increase your stitches while double knitting. And I'm happy to say that I had a little I can't do this freak out, and The Doo was smart enough to say, "You just wrote a blog about this. Yesterday. So relax."


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